How to clean pans easily

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I have a theory on one reason why people hate to cook: CLEANUP AmIright?! So here is how to clean a pan easily! If the pan is cold, turn the heat back on. Splatter water on the pan. When it sizzles, it’s time to pour in water. In a 12 inch pan like this one you need about half a cup of water. For smaller pans use less. The water will sizzle, so use caution. It’s working! Lift the pan (use a glove if necessary) and swirl the water Read more

Natural Skin Care and Non-toxic Makeup Video

My Natural Skin Care ,  Organic Makeup Love , and Top 10 Beauty Secret posts have been super popular, but I wanted to show you in real time just how easy it is, how fast it can be, and how healthy your skin can look! In this video I use Tropical Traditions cream, Rosehip Oil, and Araza makeup, that’s it! Use my code: SpunkyHoliday now through December for 10% off your Araza purchase, and thanks for ordering through me! xoxo ♥, Kelly The Read more

New House! Home Improvements Part 1, Kitchen & Family Room

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Last month a dream of ours came true: to buy a house here in Southern California, Murrieta to be exact. After really falling in love with this area we decided to stay here, and a couple years back we began dreaming of home ownership. I’m beyond grateful that, due to a very unexpected turn of events, this September we were able to make an offer on a house, which was accepted. We were absolutely giddy when our realtor showed us this house Read more

15 Ways To Treat Yourself That Won’t Break The Bank

There are five components to living a healthy life. The first four are common knowledge: eat nutritious food, move your body, nurture relationships, and establish good lifestyle habits. The fifth element, on the other hand, may come as a pleasant surprise. A healthy life includes treating yourself on a regular basis. Why Is It Important To Treat Yourself? Giving yourself a gift—be that physical, mental, or emotional—is a sign of self-gratitude Read more

Genes to Know About: Breast Cancer Genes

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Genetic testing can give us tremendous insight into our own health and, more importantly, our optimal diet and lifestyle choices given our genetic predisposition. I’ve long held that the Paleo diet is far from a one-size-fits-all approach and try to steer away from Paleo dogma in all of my writing. In this series, I’ll be covering specific genes that can tell us a lot about disease risk and how we can modify our implementation of Read more

How a Busy CrossFit Pro Makes Time for Daily Healthy Living

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This post features a real-life Paleo expert who stays fit and healthy in the midst of a chaotic schedule. Learn more about how living Paleo can adapt to your lifestyle by following Max through a typical day in his life. Max Shippee, our resident CrossFit expert and creator of PaleoFit, is also currently appearing on The Young and the Restless as Graham Bloodworth over on CBS. Even with his grueling daily schedule, he makes time for wellness, Read more

3 Ways to Regulate Insulin that Have Nothing to Do With Food

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Regulating blood sugar levels is a key feature of any health-promoting diet. High blood sugar levels after eating are a major stimulator of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are chemically reactive molecules that have important roles in cell signaling (the complex communication between and within cells) and in homeostasis (maintenance of a stable environment inside and outside the cell). But ROS are also potent signals for inflammation and Read more

5 Health Benefits of Intuitive Eating (+ 7 Ways to Get Started Today)

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Have you ever started a new diet, feeling so pumped and full of optimism that this is the one that will work, only to fall off the wagon (again) a few weeks later? While it can be tempting to blame yourself and give up, or go to the extreme and starve yourself to get results, you should know that you’re far from alone. In fact, almost every dieter is right there with you, considering that 95 percent of diets fail. (1) Now, you’re probably Read more

My Struggle with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA). How I got my period back.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed my post last week where I welcomed back my monthly visitor (this is what my grandmother would say) after a 10-year absence. I’ve kept pretty quiet about my struggle with HA. To be truthful, admitting my illness made me feel like an imposter and a fraud. How could someone whose job and life revolved around helping women find and nourish their own fertility be infertile and unhealthy herself?I’ve Read more

Genes to Know About: ApoE

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Genetic testing can give us tremendous insight into our own health and, more importantly, our optimal diet and lifestyle choices given our genetic predisposition. I’ve long held that the Paleo diet is far from a one-size-fits-all approach and try to steer away from Paleo dogma in all of my writing. In this article series, I discuss specific genes that can tell us a lot about disease risk and how we can modify our implementation of Paleo to Read more

Stock Tank Pool DIY

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Have you seen the trend with stock tank pools? They’re drinking water tanks for livestock, which you can get from places like Tractor Supply. People are using them as an affordable alternative to inground pools. I think they’re really cute! Also, stock tank pools really appealed to me because we avoid plastic, especially with Ashley’s MTHFR mutation. I ordered my 8 foot stock tank pool from Tractor Supply. A week later they called to tell me that Read more

8 Frozen Paleo Treats for a Fabulous Summer

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As soon as hot weather hits here in Georgia, my kids and I start reaching for frozen desserts to cool off. My daughters both swim most mornings when school is out, and I also work out at my local CrossFit box during the morning. That means that by the time we all get back to the house, we’re in the mood for a cool snack. Our usual Kit bars and apples with nut butter go right out the window in favor of frozen Read more

Review: Araza is Crunchy Beauty I Actually Want to Wear

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Over the last 10 years—approximately the amount of time I’ve been wearing makeup—I’ve been slowly sliding into the I-don’t-wear-it-at-all camp. With the exception of the time in ninth grade when I wore so much eyeshadow to a dance that my stepfather asked if I was going to Mardi Gras, I’ve never been a huge fan. When I was an office grunt, I pretty much stuck to some foundation, mascara and a bit of eyeliner. And now that I work Read more

Paleo Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I wanted to compile a list of cool stuff you could get for someone for Father’s Day (June 18th). Now, as a disclaimer, I am not a father (unless you count our dog Charlie), but these are some things I think many fathers may like. Also, none of these gifts below are exclusively for men, so many of you moms out there may find them interesting too! Feel free to pin any of them for later! Read more

5 Ways to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Sanctuary

The average person will sleep for nearly 230,000 hours over the course of their life (assuming they get… The post 5 Ways to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Sanctuary appeared first on Paleo Blog. SOURCE: Paleo Blog - Read entire story here. Read more

My Top 10 Beauty Secrets

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This is the number one most important beauty secret. (The rest are in no particular order.) Here it is: Beauty comes from within. It’s not about your size. It’s not about the shape of your face. It’s not about the color of your eyes, the length of your hair, or the clothes that you wear. Beauty comes from within. Have you ever met someone and with just one look at them you KNEW what a nice person they were? You can see it. You Read more

Healthy Weight Loss with Paleo, Part 3: Troubleshooting Weight Loss Difficulties

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In Part 1 and Part 2 of this healthy weight loss series, I shared the scientific foundation for diet and lifestyle changes that promote healthy and sustainable weight loss. In an ideal world, we should be able to implement these changes and lose weight with (relative) ease. Yet, I know that the equation is actually a lot more complicated! Indeed, there are many different factors that might interfere with our ability to reach our weight loss Read more

DIY Cleansing Face Mask with Charcoal + Green Tea

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Hey, everybody, it’s Melissa from My Darla Clementine back to share another DIY with you!  This month we are going to make a face mask using charcoal, green tea, and peppermint.  I just know that you are going to love it! Though all skin types will certainly benefit from this treatment, it is especially stellar […] The post DIY Cleansing Face Mask with Charcoal + Green Tea appeared first on Rubies & Radishes. SOURCE: Rubies & Read more

Healthy Weight Loss with Paleo, Part 2: Lifestyle Choices That Make a Difference

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When it comes to losing weight, there’s dozens of effective diets to choose from.  It’s true that just about every approach geared at weight loss works.  But what’s not true is that every way we can lose weight is healthy, plus it’s often very tough to maintain that weight loss.  That’s where focusing on healthy weight loss comes in.  Healthy weight loss means we are successfully losing weight, mostly fat Read more

5 Tips for Eating Paleo On a Budget

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As the Paleo diet gains prominence, some popular myths about this lifestyle have too. I’ve done my best to debunk these myths whenever possible (see Paleo Diet Clinical Trials and Studies, Gluten-Free in the News (some Yay! some Nay!) and Rebuttal to “Paleo Diet Could Lead To Rapid Weight Gain, New Study Shows”). Did you see that a recent U.S. News and World Report article ranked Paleo among the worst diets out there? They listed the Read more