Lemon Basil Herb Paste

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you’ll never buy store-bought again. Promise. My neighbour has a lemon basil plant. The butterflies love it, and so do I. He must’ve caught me giving the thing the jealous side-eye because last weekend he strolled over to our side of the fence and said the magic words: “Help yourself to the lemon basil.” And no sooner had the words left his mouth than I was on it like a swarm of hungry locusts. the plant, before I went at Read more

Perfect Crispy Chicken Thighs

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if you’re not drooling at this, then there’s something wrong I stumbled across this foolproof recipe for perfectly cooked chicken thighs on The Kitchn one day and it changed the way I think about chicken FOREVER (that’s not hyperbole, that’s truth). It switches up cooking methods (stovetop then the oven) so that the meat of the chicken is perfectly moist while the skin remains mouth-wateringly crunchy. It also lets you get Read more

Guest Post: Bravo For Paleo, Lemon Rosemary Chicken

Thanks for joining us again for another installment of our Wednesday Guest Blogger Series! We’d like to introduce you to Monica Bravo of Bravo for Paleo. We think you will love Monica’s fresh style, and easy-to-follow recipes as much as w ...Keep Reading The post Guest Post: Bravo For Paleo, Lemon Rosemary Chicken appeared first on Paleo Parents. SOURCE: Paleo Parents - Read entire story here. Read more