Top 10 Paleo Apps

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“Apps aren’t paleo, Sisson. Grok waited for days for aurochs to wander within spear-chucking range, not overnight for the release of the iPhone X.” True. But this is the world we live in. These are the tools we have. If you’re going to lug around an addictive piece of tech in your pocket all day, it might as well contain some apps that make living healthy and living Primal easier, rather than harder. What follows are some Read more

How To Learn To Love Working Out When You Can’t Get Motivated

Picture this: it’s the Monday morning after a relaxed weekend, where exercise was bypassed in favor of lunch out with friends, watching movies and sleeping in. The alarm buzzes not long after dawn, and as you open your eyes you’re hit with the weight of the working week ahead. You hardly have the oomph to get out of bed let alone head to the gym, so you plan to push your scheduled workout until tomorrow. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. For many Read more

CrossFit Training: How Primal Enables Elite Performance

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By now, you know that CrossFit and Primal are totally compatible. You can get enough carbs, calories, and micronutrients eating this way. The specific foods we recommend support healthy recovery, injury prevention, tissue health, ample energy reserves, and even longevity. The lifestyle recommendations—the Primal Laws—provide extra advantages most “diets” completely ignore. And the focus on fat-adaptation buttresses an energy system Read more

CrossFit Training: How Going Primal Will Enhance Recovery

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Exercise is a major stressor. But it’s a major acute stressor, rather than a chronic one. It hits us, then it’s over, and we recover. When the next session rolls around, we’re better/faster/stronger/fitter. We adapt. At least, that’s how exercise is supposed to go if you have enough buffer time between sessions. Most people do provide enough buffer time between their exercise sessions to promote recovery. Many provide too Read more

10 Easy Shoulder Stretches To Fix Pain

Suffering from chronic shoulder pain and tightness? You’re not alone.According to a recent study by the Center for… The post 10 Easy Shoulder Stretches To Fix Pain appeared first on Paleo Blog. SOURCE: Paleo Blog - Read entire story here. Read more

CrossFit Training: How to Lose Fat with Primal

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Note: Many of you have written to me wondering about my newfound obsession with CrossFit. I’m responding to a steady stream of requests from CFers who want to do Primal but have been led to believe that the two are incompatible. Even if you have no interest in CrossFit, understand that much of the advice contained in this series also applies to people following a different training path. As much as CrossFitters claim to concern themselves Read more

CrossFit’s Criticisms: How Do I Keep Energy Levels High on Primal?

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Over the past two posts in this series, I’ve explained how a Primal way of eating can not only support a heavy CrossFit schedule, but elevate it. Today, I’m going to explain how going Primal can help fix a common complaint among CrossFitters: fatigue. No energy. No pep. A distinct lack of physical and psychological motivation to train, let alone hit PRs. This doesn’t just make it hard to finish workouts and make gains. It bleeds Read more

CrossFit’s Criticism: How Do I Eat Enough Calories on Primal?

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One of the reasons CrossFit tends to produce excellent physiques in both men and women is that it forces you to do everything. You’re lifting heavy, sprinting, going long and slow sometimes, going short and intense. You’re tapping into every energy system and stimulating anabolic pathways. It’s a recipe for fat loss and muscle gain. If you eat enough to support your activity levels, that is. Historically, that’s been the Read more

CrossFit’s Criticism: How Do I Eat Enough Carbs on Primal?

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By far the single most common criticism levied against paleo by CrossFitters is that it’s too damn difficult to eat enough carbs to maintain performance during workouts. There is definitely truth there. First, let’s establish something. Do CrossFitters indeed need more carbs than your average Primal bear? Yes. CrossFit workouts are intense. Your muscles need fuel to support intense movements, and they need it immediately and Read more

Give Some Love to Your Hips

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Today’s awesome guest post is offered up by a good friend to MDA—Ryan Hurst, Co-founder and Head Coach at GMB Fitness. I think it’s the perfect message for late in the work week when so many of us have been at our desks for too long. Enjoy, everyone! Unfortunately, our hips don’t get as much love as they should nowadays. In our office culture world, most of us have to sit for hours at a time to get our work done. And even with Read more

Why Every Rep In Training Should Be the Same

Written By: Kevin Cann One of the things that has been ingrained into me since day 1 of my brief powerlifting career is that every rep should look the same. That means that when I squat with 50% of my 1RM it should be executed at the same speed as 100% of my 1RM. This can run counterintuitive to the old adage that you should “move light weights as if they are heavy and heavy weights as if they are light.” The idea behind this saying is to Read more

How to Exercise with An Autoimmune Condition

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Autoimmune diseases really throw the body for a loop. You’re attacking your own tissues. Your inflammation is sky high. What’s usually good for you—like boosting the immune system—can make it worse. You’ll often restrict eating certain foods that, on paper, appear healthy and nutrient-dense. You take nothing for granted, measure and consider everything before eating or doing it. Sometimes it feels like almost everything has the Read more

The Best Workouts for New Moms

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One of the most intense, hardcore, and majestic athletic events that half of us humans can ever participate in is pregnancy and childbirth. My wife Alice has been the builder of our three kids, and regardless of the preparation that you’ve done in the nine months leading up to the big event, you can never plan exactly for how game day is going to go. Once that little bundle has entered your home and has turned your life upside down, most Read more

Where Do I Start? The Big Picture on Tackling Primal Challenges

Earlier this month, a reader posed a fantastic question that prompted today’s post. It was long, so I’ll give the choice bits rather than quote the entire thing: Where do I start? I’d be interested in seeing your opinion on the relative impact of various primal lifestyle changes… Eating “clean” would be a 10, etc… but what about subtler things like sprinting, IF, quality sleep, sunlight, and play… So I guess I’m asking you Read more

How To Do A Pull-Up

Hello, pull-ups! Being able to ;lift your entire body weight off the floor is an empowering feeling. Follow our… The post How To Do A Pull-Up appeared first on Paleo Blog. SOURCE: Paleo Blog - Read entire story here. Read more

30-Day Push-Up Challenge

Tone and strengthen your body from head-to-toe with this ultimate push-up challenge. This push-up challenge is meant to… The post 30-Day Push-Up Challenge appeared first on Paleo Blog. SOURCE: Paleo Blog - Read entire story here. Read more

11 Physical Challenges to Take This Month

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Some people don’t need any help finding physical challenges. They naturally and intuitively figure out ways to engage physically with the world and test their prowess. But that’s not everyone, or else we’d see people sprinting down the street, hurdling park benches, climbing flagpoles, and swinging from tree branch to tree branch. It’d be a cool world, to be sure. It’s just not the one we live in. In this world, Read more

The Importance of Balance—and 15 Ways to Enhance and Preserve It

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Everything in the world is conspiring to make you fall over. The ground can be slippery, slick, and studded with protrusions. The earth can move under your feet. The discarded banana peel is an ever present threat. Gravity itself exerts a constant downward pull, and any tissue straying from perpendicularity with the ground feels the pull that much more. That we manage to stay upright at all is impressive. Not all of us do. For youngsters, balance Read more

Corrective Exercises, Assessments, and the Psychology of Getting Stronger

Written by: Kevin Cann I have been seeing a few interesting posts on the internet in the last week or so. These posts were discussing corrective exercise and the importance of getting stronger as well as the importance of the person’s psyche in getting better. These articles really struck a chord with me, as they are directly in line with my beliefs. First, I want to discuss a person’s psyche when taking part in a strength and conditioning Read more