Podcast Episode #289: Dr. Terry Walhs: The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life

Topics Introducing our guest, Dr. Terry Wahls [2:12] Quick update from Diane [5:03] Updates from Dr. Wahls [5:34] Listener comments for Dr. Wahls [6:42] How the Wahls Protocol works [14:20] Summary of the Wahls Protocol [17:35] A question of nightshades [22:05] Supplementing with seaweed [30:15] The Wahls Protocol on a budget [35:04] Keto on Wahls Protocol [46:34] Wahls for TBI ... Read More The post Podcast Episode #289: Dr. Terry Walhs: The Read more

The Paleo Diet February Digest – Saying Farewell

Happy Spring Paleo Diet Readers! February was a sad time at The Paleo Diet with the passing of one of the pioneers of the Paleo Diet and a close friend – Dr. Staffan Lindeberg. So, it’s only appropriate that our feature article is a moving tribute by Pedro Bastos, Dr. Lindeberg’s final Ph.D. student. Along with the tribute we also brought you our usual postings of practical nutrition advice, recipes, and interesting new science to live a healthy Read more

Podcast Episode #288: Travel Tips: On-the-Go Options, Bringing Baby, Beauty, & Baggage

Topics News and updates from Diane & Liz [7:02] Reader feedback from episode 278 [14:22] Recap of Diane's travels to NTA and Expo West [21:04] Reader feedback from episode 285 [32:33] Diane's travel tips: Lodging [38:56] Diane's travel tips: Air and car travel [42:47] Liz's tips: traveling with kids [47:50] Diane's travel tips: Final quick tips [59:39] ; Subscribe to ... Read More The post Podcast Episode #288: Travel Tips: On-the-Go Read more

Podcast Episode #287: Wired to Eat with Robb Wolf, Appetite Control & Carb Tolerance

Topics Shout out to the Master Class students [1:37] Introducing our guest: Robb Wolf [2:33] Something Robb is digging lately [4:36] Wired to Eat [5:51] The importance of sleep [20:42] The Paleo diet not for aesthetics [29:37] Intermittent fasting for women [35:00] Carbohydrates and thyroid function [42:52] Keto and thyroid function [48:04] Hyperpalatability, overindulging, and paleo ancestors [51:06] Helping parents ... Read More The post Read more

Get Grains Off the Brain

When it comes to good nutritional choices, the mainstream media and food companies have taught us that grains are truly one of the best choices we can make. But is the science saying the same thing? Over the last few years, there’s been a rapid increase in scientific research showing that grains may actually be one of the worst choices we can make when it comes to our brain’s health.1 A fact that is only just starting to reach the media through Read more

The Gluten-Free Trend and its Implications for Paleo?

A study recently published in JAMA Internal Medicine highlights two related trends in celiac disease and gluten-free diets. First, the prevalence of celiac disease has remained fairly flat during the past five years, while second, the percentage of people without celiac disease adhering to gluten-free diets has more than tripled.1 Is this foolish, beneficial, or a little of both? In this article, we’ll examine what these trends do and don’t tell Read more

Podcast Episode #285: Healthy Snack Ideas

Topics News and updates from Diane & Liz [2:05] Something I'm digging this week: new baby line from Beautycounter and Primally Pure [4:14] Healthy Paleo Snacks [6:47] Our favorite snacks [13:11] Grab and go snacks [22:55] Let's talk about nachos [26:56] Talking about jerky [35:09] Drinks [37:45] ; Subscribe to Real Food Liz!  Subscribe to DianeSanfilippo.com The episodes are also ... Read More The post Podcast Episode #285: Healthy Snack Read more

Podcast Episode #284: Women’s Health & Hormones with Melissa Ramos

Topics News and updates from Diane [1:59] Introducing our guest. Melissa Ramos [3:40] Something that I'm digging: Mindset work [4:48] Melissa's background with hormonal health [6:42] Hormones and acne [11:26] Raising low progesterone and PCOS [21:42] Timeline in balancing hormones [25:06] Prioritizing hormones to rebalance first [31:59] Getting your period back [38:50] What to expect in postpartum phases [45:20] ; ... Read More The post Podcast Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day: Enjoy Your Dark Chocolate Treats

On February 14th, 2017 millions of people across the globe will indulge in various chocolate assortments of all flavors, textures, shapes, and sizes. Most people following the Paleo lifestyle will feel obligated to avoid partaking in the widespread chocolate consumption, and with good reason. The average milk chocolate bar you see while strolling the aisles of your local grocery store typically contains little cacao or cocoa based ingredients and Read more

Podcast Episode #283: Sugar, Carbs, & Food Swaps

Topics  News and updates from Diane & Liz [2:01] Something new that I’m into and new podcast sponsor: Primally Pure [9:50] Substitution for sugars [12:01] Homemade Larabars [17:19] Bread [20:42] Almond flour substitute [30:06] Autoimmune swaps [31:39] Reading labels hacks [37:58] Liz’s parenthood tip: Squeeze packs [43:23] Subscribe to Real Food Liz!  Subscribe to DianeSanfilippo.com The episodes are also available ... Read Read more

Dietary Salt Impairs the Endothelial Glycocalyx: The Most Important Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor You May Never Have Heard About

Frequently, important physiological discoveries made by scientists who study obscure topics escape the attention of the general public, health professionals, and even other scientists.  Such has been the case for the endothelial glycocalyx: a delicate and fragile structure lining the inside surface of all blood vessels. The endothelial glycocalyx had been inferred from blood flow measurements as far back as the 1940’s, but due to its fragile Read more

The Paleo Diet January Digest – Salt, Coffee, and other not so Paleo Foods

Welcome Paleo Diet Readers! January was a busy time at The Paleo Diet, with a significant increase in visitors enjoying our site.  Whether you have been a Paleo warrior for years, or are just learning about all the healthy benefits this lifestyle has to offer, we are happy you are spending time with us and exploring the up-to-date information offered by our team.   Going Paleo is an exciting and healthy change that can also bring a few challenges Read more

Podcast Episode #282: Social Media

Topics  News and updates from Diane & Liz [3:25] Something new that I’m digging: Feedback from the new edition of Practical Paleo [ 8:40] Social media; creating and consuming [13:29] Handling the trolls; putting yourself out there [24:33] Favorite things about social media accounts [ 34:12] Social media etiquette [46:05] Subscribe to Real Food Liz!  Subscribe to DianeSanfilippo.com The episodes are ... Read More The post Podcast Read more

Podcast Episode #281: Skin Issues with Cassy Joy

Topics  1. News and updates from Liz & Cassy [2:02] 2. Shout out/something I’m digging: Jen Robbins’ Paleo Cooking in your Instant Pot [10:10] 3. Safer skincare [11:55] 4. Gut healing and skin issues [21:12] 5. Facial and chest acne [28:05] 6. Acne and thyroid [37:32] 7. Red bumps on thighs [38:22] 8. Age spots and liver spots [41:01] 9. ... Read More The post Podcast Episode #281: Skin Issues with Cassy Joy appeared first on Diane Read more

Not So Paleo: Is There a Place for Cheating?

Huh? I know, I know. I’m sometimes seen as Paleo Dogmatic. I’m perceived as strict, old-school, or too rigid when it comes to how I portray following an authentic Paleo diet. But guess what? I’m over it. At least I’m over being that dogmatic. Now, please don’t get me wrong. I’m not, for a second, saying that I’ve stopped believing in a real Paleo diet. I do, 100 percent. But a few things have changed and it’s been a long time coming. A few years Read more

Nell’s Corner: Daily vs Less Frequent Rule Breaking – What’s the Best Balance?

How many times have you heard it? “I tried Paleo and it didn’t work” or “I couldn’t stick with something that required me to eat so much meat”. How about my personal favorite, “I got bored because there are only so many ways to eat broccoli”? Yikes! All of the above comments can certainly be grounds for terminating any dietary approach, let alone a Paleo-style diet which seems to be more misunderstood than many others, in my experience. Before we Read more

Podcast Episode #279: Grocery Shopping Tips with Cassy Joy

Topics 1. News and updates from Diane & Cassy [1:43] 2. Something new that I’m digging: new water bottle [8:32] 3. Shout out: Noelle Tarr’s new Strong from Home program [10:38] 4. Must-have grocery shopping staples [13:19] 5. Grocery list writing tip [19:42] 6. Budget-minded shopping [21:03] 7. Shopping multiple stores [26:18] 8. Getting variety in your shopping [31:12] 9. ... Read More The post Podcast Episode #279: Grocery Shopping Tips Read more

How to Bounce Back After Falling Off the Paleo Bandwagon

Let’s face it, eating Paleo has a few strict rules when it comes to what the dieter should avoid. We know that eating the modern Western diet is unhealthy and there’s science to back that up,1,2 but we also live in the modern world which makes avoiding the western diet tough at times. As a Paleo-eater, you know you can lose track when you start falling for too many non-Paleo temptations. Whatever your reason was for falling off the Paleo Read more

The Paleo Diet December Digest – A Small but Important Month

During December, we put time into bringing you just a few important pieces to both give you what we feel is the best advice on controversial topics and to help you start 2017 out on the right foot. First, let’s address some conflicting recommendations you may be reading. The rise in the number of Paleo diet websites and blogs is a great thing for the exposure of the diet and to hopefully help more people live a healthier life. However, it comes Read more

Tasty Holiday Recipes – Paleo-Style

The holidays are a time for our favorite “cheat” meals and treats. Followed by a renewed interest in the gym come January. It can be a tough time for those of us trying to stay healthy. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a few holiday treats Paleo-style. Here’s some recipes to help you enjoy the festivities: Cranberry Salsa Fresh cranberries are a classic holiday staple.  This Paleo perfect recipe, packed with fresh, healthy ingredients will be Read more