Why Chocolate Is A HEALTH Food + Our Favorite Recipes

Yes! This week is all about it, including the health benefits of good-quality dark chocolate! This, plus all the feels as summer wrapped up and the boys headed back to school, in this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life Every summer I’m like “don’t let perceptions of your body ruin your life.” That doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with those feels. In fact, if usually means I just had to tackle them myself. Read more

Simple Meals & Cooking Shortcuts!

In this week’s newsletter we’re sharing our favorite simple recipes plus the shortcuts we use to get a HEALTHY and DELICIOUS dinner on the table every night, even when we’re strapped for time and energy! Our Real Life We had such a great time camping last weekend that we’re doing it again this weekend! One last hurrah of s’mores, swimming, and campfires before school starts for the boys. We’re also be Read more

(We Moved!) Healthy Foods that Travel Well!

We’re in the midst of a sea of boxes! But this time we’re unpacking them, which feels so good! In this week’s newsletter you’ll find: lessons learned from living out of boxes… foods that travel well! Our Real Life We did it! The moving saga has come to a happy end. We had great help with the move, which we are infinitely grateful for! These men, who are part of the company Matt’s passed brother helped Read more

Paleo No Cook Eats and Healthy No Bake Treats!

Lots of ideas for no-cook and no-bake healthy eats in this week’s newsletter. Plus, a special announcement! The Paleo View is Going LIVE!! A RARE in-person event with The Paleo Mom and I – we’d LOVE for you to join us for a FREE recording of The Paleo View answering audience Q&A. 5 years of weekly podcasts is a remarkable accomplishment – one we would not have done were it not for your engagement, support, and Read more

The BEST Paleo Drinks to Hyrdrate With Flavor!

First and foremost – a HUGE Happy Father’s Day to those who read this newsletter. We hope you had a fantastic day surrounded by loved ones! Over here the summer is heating up with record-breaking heat waves (especially considering we live in the North and it’s still Spring!), so we’re sharing our favorite refreshing, flavorful drinks in this week’s newsletter… hot, cold, fruity, and even a cocktail recipe! Our Read more

Plan the Perfect Father’s Day: Recipes and Gift Ideas for Dad

Our best ideas for a Paleo Father’s day plus more… in this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life The body knows what it needs! Earlier in the week I was craving oysters, so Matt got me some and shucked them all himself (= true love). Whenever my body is telling me that it wants a particular (healthy) food, I try and listen because it is usually right on and I feel better for it! We needed something refreshing while out running Read more

How I’m Healing After a Back Injury and Weight Gain – Both Emotionally and Physically

We’re talking all about healing – both emotionally and physically in this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life My momma and I enjoyed a gorgeous Mother’s Day at Eastern Market – one of our favorite places to shop, and the inspiration behind one of our popular recipes: Shrimp Salad (perfect for summer picnics, by the way!). My boys spoiled me all weekend long with incredible food! We had a big family dinner on Saturday of Read more

Paleo Pizza Party!

It’s a Paleo pizza party extravaganza in this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life So… we prematurely called our house off the market. Our buyers backed out and we had to quickly pivot to getting it perfect shape and back on the market. Alas, it was good while it lasted. Not using our kitchen has led to us finding so many new places to eat! We were rushed out of house for a showing last weekend before breakfast and found De Read more

Healthier Fruit-Sweetened Treats

Fruit-sweetened desserts, plus our busy week traveling to NYC and the new Wesley Waffle! Our Real Life All, our “real life” has been out of control lately! If you’ve noticed a lack of posts and sharing on social media, its because we’re in the middle of selling our house, while simultaneously trying to find the perfect next house! Which is why I’m showing you my unmade bed in all its glory – because now that Read more

Are You Eating Enough Seafood? Our Best Seafood Recipes!

Looking to get more seafood in your diet or need ideas for Fridays the next couple weeks? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to eat this nutrient-rich protein that the whole family will love! Our Real Life Love, love, loved seeing Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain (one of our favorite cookbooks!) staring back at me at the school book fair! She has done an amazing job taking this lifestyle mainstream, and we couldn’t be Read more

Our Vital Proteins Favorites & a LAST CHANCE Discount!

We wanted to make sure you knew two important things! 1. That you can get a 10% discount plus free shipping at Vital Proteins, and.. 2. That it ends 3/30/17 – tomorrow, eek! —> USE CODE: VPA-0626-97BR1-LYIQ at checkout to take advantage of this before it’s gone! ♥♥♥ Vital Proteins is something that has made an incredible impact on our family’s health- we’re honestly so thankful for their products! Of course we Read more

Affordable Kitchen Gadgets and Budget-Friendly Paleo Recipes!

Our 14-sleep no junk food reset (and the one exception we made!). Plus game-changing affordable kitchen gadgets for making healthy eats, and our favorite budget-friendly Paleo recipes…. all in this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life As a family we started a 14 sleep no-junk-food reset about a week ago. After the first couple days, we’ve been happier, calmer, and pretty pleased with life in general. Coincidence? I think not! After Read more

Post-Game Day Recovery Comfort Food Ideas

I know everyone is focused on big game day recipes (which we have a huge roundup of here!) but here are some HEALTHY “recovery” comfort food ideas for that painful Monday that seems to come too early! Plus, our 15 year anniversary, and safer skincare swaps! Our Real Life We’re still getting back into the swing of things at home, and after a long week of traveling we’ve been craving homemade comfort food big time! Matt has Read more

Drink THIS to avoid the ICK! Our favorite broth, stock, and soup recipes!

Avoid the SICKNESS going around with lots of homemade broth-based eats! Our favorite products for making the most NUTRIENT-DENSE BROTH, plus our favorite SOUP RECIPES- this and more in this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life Thanksgiving leftovers are the best leftovers! We paired our Perfect Pork Chops with the mashed taters & gravy, roasted root veggies, and homemade applesauce leftovers! Then Matt just steamed some green beans – Read more

Healthy Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes!

Happy Thanksgiving week! Everything you need for a successful holiday dinner in our recipe-packed newsletter: Our Real Life I spent last weekend visiting my good friend from college in (and around) Seattle, WA. We ate incredible seafood and I took in as much of a food & culture tour as I could over the weekend! I had an ah-mazing time and will be sharing all the details of my favorite finds soon, so look for that in the coming weeks! I Read more

The BEST Paleo Chocolate Recipes and Treats!

There’s a whole lotta chocolate in this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life New favorite snack combo: Epic Pork Rinds (we get them at OSPS) dipped in Wholly Guacamole. Salty crispy, crunchy, creamy… plus full of nutrients- you won’t even miss the corn chips, I promise! Oh that froth! The secret to creamy, velvety froth is Vital Proteins Collagen. If you’ve followed us for a while, you already know that I add collagen to Read more