Paleo Diet versus American Diet

One-third of the American diet calories are from junk foods, sweets, alcoholic beverages and salty snacks.  Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, soft drinks and other junk foods are considered, “empty calories”. “Empty calories”, high in calories but have no nutritional value. These foods have no nutritional value but satisfy your hunger cravings and become an eating way of life. A no nutritional diet contributes or encourages obesity, Read more

Can Quercetin Help Heal a Leaky Gut?

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Digestive health is a hot topic these days. Problems in the gut not only play a large part in digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome or reflux, but the gut has an effect on practically every part of our body. Imbalances in the gut can create rashes, exacerbate joint pain and even cause depression – it’s no wonder we all want to learn how to keep the gut healthy! One of the most pressing concerns regarding the gut is something called Read more

Ancient Genes vs Modern World – an event you must attend!

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When I first moved to New Zealand, I decided that I was going to make a concerted effort to connect with like-minded practitioners. I wanted to be part of a strong community of health folk. What I didn’t know was how amazing my new-found health-nerd friends would be. Actually, I tell a lie. I had an inkling of their awesomeness.  Sometimes (often) my images have no relevance to the topic. I SOURCE: Against the Grain Nutrition - Read entire Read more

Paleo Diet Cookbook

What is Paleo Diet? -The Paleo diet is a derivative from the word "Paleolithic", which was a certain time frame about 2.5 million years ago, but ended about 10,000 years ago. It is sometimes called the "ancestor diet", due in fact that the foods used in the recipes for Paleo foods were actually eaten during the paleolithic period long ago. Our ancestors were healthy as an ox and strong as a bear. At the same time they were incredibly lean. This Read more

Perfect Health Diet: Regain Health and Lose Weight by Eating the Way You Were Meant to Eat

In Perfect Health Diet, Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet explain in layman’s terms how anyone can regain health and lose weight by optimizing nutrition, detoxifying the diet, and sup­porting healthy immune function. They show how toxic, nutrient-poor diets sabotage health, and how on a healthy diet, diseases often spontaneously resolve. Perfect Health Diet makes weight loss effortless with a clear, balanced, and scientifically proven plan to change Read more

Vegetarian Paleo Diet

by Alaskan Dude So you are a vegetarian and yet you are so intrigued with this Paleo diet, can you observe then a vegetarian paleo diet still? Vegetarian paleo diet is good for people who want to join the Paleo parade without eating a piece of meat at all. Vegetarian paleo diet may seem ludicrous to those who think that paleo diet consists mostly of meat. Paleo diet is everywhere --- and now vegetarian paleo diet is making a statement as Read more

The Paleo Cookbook: 300 Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes

Simply put, the Paleo diet is the diet that humans were intended to eat. The Paleo Cookbook will make it easy to start your Paleo journey. Low carb, high protein, and full of wholesome, natural foods, the Paleo diet has gained rapid popularity for those who truly savor good cooking, but no longer want to be weighed down by processed or unhealthy food. THE PALEO COOKBOOK simplifies the transition into the Paleo lifestyle. This comprehensive Paleo Read more

The Forks Over Knives Plan: How to Transition to the Life-Saving, Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet

From the creators of the groundbreaking documentary (and bestselling books) Forks Over Knives comes a four-week plan, showing anyone how to transition to a delicious whole-food, plant-based diet.The trailblazing film Forks Over Knives exposed an entirely new generation to the whole-food, plant-based nutrition revolution and inspired thousands to want to transform their diets, and their lives. With so many people looking for change, the Read more

The Paleo Diet Review

The Paleo Diet Review- The "Caveman" diet is what it is often referred to. The theory of this diet can about when someone decided that cavemen used to eat much healthier than men from today; this is true. There were no McDonald drive-thru's back then, no KFC chicken. They ate healthy and they ate what they could. Of course, we should not go back to the caveman days just to maintain a healthy heart, but our ancestors have taught us so much about Read more