Simple Roast Turkey

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Around this time every year, my Perfect Smoked Turkey starts making the rounds, and for good reason – it’s relatively simple (with a little practice), and comes out great every time. But sometimes, with so many other things on your plate during Thanksgiving, the idea of tackling a new smoked turkey recipe can be daunting; lots of folks have told me that they would like to try the recipe, but never manage to get to it. So for Read more

To Poach, Sauté, or Microwave? That Is the Question.

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Ever brought home fresh veggies from the farmers market and wondered how to cook them, or looked at the charred ends of a juicy steak and questioned if it was good for you? Luckily, food science has the answers. Read on to learn what the evidence says about various cooking methods, including which retain the most nutrients and which cause the most inflammation. I’ve written a lot about what to eat, but not as much about the method of preparing Read more

Harvest Time at The Paleo Diet

October has arrived in all its glory at The Paleo Diet and we have been harvesting our organic garden to create fresh, nutritious dishes.  After tending faithfully to our plants, we are reaping the rewards and sharing them with friends and family.  Many have asked for ideas and recipes for garden ingredients.  This month, we’ll be sharing our Fall Harvest recipes with our Paleo Diet followers.  Enjoy! Chimichurri Steak Steak comes alive with the Read more

The Expert’s Guide on How to Cook Mouth-Watering Vegetables

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Overcooked, stinky Brussels sprouts seems to be the culprit of every veggie-fearing adult I know. If you were a victim of being served overcooked, boiled-to death, sulfuric, canned, bland, or soggy vegetables as a child, you never stood a chance. It’s not your fault that you have no idea what vegetables are capable of. Vegetables are actually tasty—really tasty. Real Food Tastes Great Most folks, even if they weren’t tortured by mushy broccoli, Read more

Paleo Cooking 101: How to Cook Meat Like a Pro

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Eating healthy can be wildly difficult when walking through a world of processed and refined foods. Paleo eaters are all about living and sourcing their food as close to Mother Earth as possible. In this modern world, it can be quite the task to eat this way! It can be difficult for anyone who isn’t comfortable in the kitchen to find ways to get enough protein into their daily grind, but with a few basic skills, you can become as comfortable and Read more

Gluten-Free Southern Skillet Cornbread

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Tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of the last time I published a recipe that features corn, so I figured it was about time to share another. We don’t eat corn often in our house – usually only popcorn on movie nights, and maybe corn tortillas or tamales when visiting our local Mexican restaurant, or sometimes a bowl of grits on cold mornings. Corn is not a particularly nutrient-dense food, but I think it’s a fine ingredient Read more

Potato Pancakes

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Potato pancakes are kind of a big deal in many homes, and everyone has their own method. There’s a lot of speculation as to what goes into making a good pancake, and my guess is that’s because it’s easy to mess up such a seemingly simple dish. Too many eggs and your pancakes are rubbery; too much flour or starch, and they’re too dense. Some insist on using cooked potatoes, while others insist you Read more

Homemade Mayonnaise

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I’m probably not in the majority of Americans by saying this, but mayonnaise is my favorite dipping condiment. Yep, I would prefer to dip french fries in mayo over ketchup, barbecue sauce, or any of the various mustards available (although ketchup and mayo mixed together is pretty fantastic). True, if we’re looking at condiments wholesale, I probably use hot sauce the most often, but nothing really beats the texture and richness of Read more

Fårikål (Norwegian Lamb and Cabbage Stew)

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For those of you following my recently updated approach to recipe development, you’ve probably already guessed that the recipes in my new cookbook will cover a variety of traditional and international dishes. So far we’ve highlighted cuisine from France, the Caribbean, and the American South. Today we’ll be exploring Scandinavia, with this Norwegian Lamb and Cabbage Stew. Originally from Western Norway (Vestlandet), Fårikål Read more

Pressure Cooker (Instant Pot) Basmati Rice

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The other day, as I was experimenting with pressure-cooked rice to enjoy with my recent Simple Saag recipe, I thought it was long overdue to discuss the merits of white rice in my diet. I usually mention this every year or two, and I’ve touched on it in each of my books, but it’s always good to open up the discussion from time to time. The use of rice on a Paleo-friendly website might seem counterintuitive, since most Paleo resources Read more

Basil-Ginger Pork from Weeknight Paleo

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We had the tremendous opportunity to be on Robb’s podcast this last week to discuss our farming enterprise and some of the lessons learned at this early stage of production. Happily, we can announce that our third cookbook is out of production and set to hit book shelves next week. Weeknight Paleo is our best effort to bring the reader into our kitchen amidst the craziness of raising two kids, moving, starting a farm and putting a book Read more

Global or Shun Premium Quality Kitchen Knife Set Giveaway

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I did some polling on the IBIH Facebook Page for this month’s giveaway, and a lot of people were on board with a great knife set.  I wanted to do something I haven’t done before, and since many of you don’t own even one quality kitchen knife, let alone an entire set, this seemed like... Read More » The post Global or Shun Premium Quality Kitchen Knife Set Giveaway appeared first on I Breathe I'm Hungry. SOURCE: I Read more

Chicken Marengo

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In June of 1800, Napoleon Bonaparte led the French army to a decisive victory against the Austrian army in Marengo (present-day Italy), an important battle during the French Revolutionary Wars. Legend has it that the French supply carts failed to catch up to their soldiers, and so Napoleon’s chef had to forage for ingredients in the local village. Returning with a chicken, olives, and some crawfish, the chef threw them together into the Read more

Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato Bites

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I recently partnered with Reynolds Kitchens to develop some unique Fall and Holiday recipes for their Endless Table project; some were reimagined classics (see: Tender Eye of Round Roast), while others were new creations designed to capitalize on the versatility of tin foil (see: Roasted Sausage and Sauerkraut, Oven Roasted Artichokes). I enjoyed the opportunity to dive into one specific product, and it end up maturing the way I think about tin Read more

Curried Beef Stew

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We’re in the thick of stew season here in the US; this is the time of year where I like to spend my lazy weekend afternoons filling the house with the smells of simmering meat and winter vegetables. Unfortunately for stew season, but fortunately for us, our little part of Florida is still experiencing warm weather: as I type this, it’s 74F outside right now. Understandably, I’ve had a hard time getting into the winter stew Read more


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Currywurst is a popular German dish, and a staple of fast-food eating in the country. Its influence is so far-reaching that the dish is even served at McDonald’s, and is almost always accompanied by its own iconic fork (I used a spork in my photo, a fair alternative). Currywurst was first served in the 1950s, in Berlin, as an object of Western influence; ketchup was introduced from the UK following World War II, and later paired with Read more

Smoked Chicken

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Nearly every time we’re out grocery shopping, I pick up a whole chicken. It seems like at least once a week we end up roasting or grilling a whole bird, and using its carcass for chicken stock and its leftover meat for soup. The flexibility that comes with buying a whole chicken just can’t be beat, plus everyone gets to fight over their favorite pieces (luckily, we have varying preferences). Furthermore, it is often more economical Read more

Arroz con Pollo

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Arroz con Pollo is a chicken and rice dish popular in Spain and Latin America. While its origin is difficult to trace, it is likely an adaptation of the Paella, a staple Spanish (Valencian) rice dish dating as far back as the 15th century. As with many dishes stemming from Spain’s exploration and colonization, Arroz con Pollo deliciously marries both worlds; Spanish rice and technique combine with ingredients native to the Americas Read more

My Favorite Kitchen Tools

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This is just a rough estimate, but I’m pretty sure I’ve spent about 1000 hours in the kitchen testing recipes and prepping the food for photos for the new cookbook. (Well Fed Weeknights, out November 1. Sign up for my newsletter to be notified when our awesome pre-sale starts on September 19!) And that 1000 hours doesn’t take into account the regular meal prep that kept us going while we did all the other things in our lives. As Read more

Sole Meunière

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When first drafting my debut cookbook, The Ancestral Table, I was hesitant to add my recipe for Sole Meunière. After all, it contains only a few ingredients – fish, butter, and lemon, mostly – not exactly a huge culinary journey. But as time marched on, I’ve come to realize that this is one of my most treasured recipes from the book, in part because it’s so simple and satisfying. A couple weeks back, as we made it again Read more