Thai Red Curry

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When filling out our weekly meal plan, my family often consults my cookbooks; after all, the main reason I included particular recipes in those books is because they’re our favorites. This week we decided to make the Thai Red Curry recipe from Paleo Takeout, and I thought it would be fun to share the recipe with you folks as well. Thai Red Curry differs from other popular Thai curries in that its base is made from dried chiles instead of Read more

Paleo Ground Beef Recipe

Paleo Ground Beef Recipes   Paleo recipes allow fresh meat, poultry and fish. Ground beef is a versatile meat used in Paleo Recipes.  Ground beef is finely chopped beef. Beef is grounded in a mincer. Any part of the beef can be used but chuck steak or round steak is frequently used. Ground beef is a less expensive cooking form of beef. Well known uses for ground beef are: hamburgers, meatloaf, pot pies, tacos, lasagna and spaghetti. FREE Paleo Read more

Mason Jar Marinades – Minimal Cleanup & No Plastic

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Say goodbye to excess cleanup and wasting plastic baggies… This post is a method/hack post more than an actual recipe. This is how I often prep quick dinners for myself and wanted to share it with the rest of you. This method eliminates the need to clean a food processor or a blender, and also eliminates the need to use a ziplock bag that would otherwise just end up in a landfill. Washing an immersion blender under a faucet and soaking a Read more

Slow Cooker Chipotle Barbacoa Brisket

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Everyone loves Chipotle, meaning the eatery and the smoked jalapeño peppers. After my last trip to the eatery I found myself thinking, “why don’t I just whip up 10x more of this meat for the same price at home?” So then I went and did just that. This is an easy recipe to make, and I provide my own chipotle adobo sauce recipe to use with it, or you could just buy that not-perfectly-clean can of chipotles in adobo if you’re Read more

Cumin Dusted Strip Steaks with Salsa Verde Butter – Low Carb

I love steak.  A lot.  In fact, the entire “Hungry” family loves steak.  Even our son, Hungry Jr. has been knawing on sides of beef since he had his first teeth.   Our kitty Peach?  Also a fan. With all of that steak love going on in our house, you’d think I’d be posting steak recipes weekly.  I realized though [...] The post Cumin Dusted Strip Steaks with Salsa Verde Butter – Low Carb appeared first on I Breathe... Read more