Five Paleo Dinners To Cook Next Week #74

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It’s my favorite time of year again! The leaves are colorful and crunchy underfoot. The skies are moody, and wind whistles around the corners. Witches, werewolves, vampires, and ghosts are really owning their awesomeness. And Dave and I moved straight into vampire territory. Or, at least, I amuse myself by thinking so as I clack along the cobblestones in the dusk. I’m reading an engrossing and emotional book called The Comet Seekers—I Read more

Illuminating Trio Tutorial on the Healthy Inside and Out Channel!

Today on the Healthy Inside and Out  Channel, we’re teaching you to use the new for the holidays Illuminating Trio! It contains a bronzer, a blush and a highlighter to contour your face and give you a healthy glow. It’s a great addition to your make up repertoire and Stacy will show you how to use it! The post Illuminating Trio Tutorial on the Healthy Inside and Out Channel! appeared first on Real Everything. SOURCE: Real Everything Read more

Slow Cooker Curry Chicken

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion, or themed dinner party, to sample a curry so delicious that... The post Slow Cooker Curry Chicken appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips. SOURCE: Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips - Read entire story here. Read more

The 10-Week Countdown to 2018

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Today’s guest post is offered up by one of our own, Erin Power. She’s our awesome Student and Graduate Support Lead for the Primal Health Coach Program as well as an amazingly successful health coach in her own right. I love her message of taking the reins of your life today—all the better to enjoy the holidays and meet the coming New Year with unprecedented health and possibility.  Right around this time every year my inbox explodes. Read more

Dispelling The Lies: The new film featuring the Ethical Omnivore perspective.

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Hey folks! Quite a number of people indicated they were interested in supporting future film projects which take a contrarian view of health and sustainability compared to films such as What the Health. To say these topics are controversial and emotional is about as understated as saying “the surface of the sun is hot.” This post is primarily about the proposed film “Dispelling The Lies” but please keep an eye open for a Read more

How to Use the Whole Pumpkin

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It’s pumpkin spice latte season and pumpkins are popping up everywhere. There are so many varieties, colors, shapes, and sizes of these gourds to choose from and they’re showing up at your local grocer, farmer friends, and perhaps even in your own garden! Beyond decorating your porch with whole or carved pumpkins, plenty of pumpkiny delight awaits you in your very own kitchen. Pumpkins are Paleo, rich in fiber, filling, and delicious. Pumpkin Read more

RHR: What the $#@! Is Wrong with What the Health?

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In this episode we discuss: All organisms are shaped by their environment Vegan diets are lacking in key nutrients The trouble with epidemiological studies Clinical research quality varies widely News articles should not be used as evidence The source of the message matters [smart_track_player url="" title="RHR: What the $#@! Is Wrong with Read more

Daikon Pappardelle in Marinara Sauce. All organic, paleo, vegan….

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Daikon Pappardelle in Marinara Sauce. All organic, paleo, vegan. Just take a wide veggie peeler and peel off long flat strands of daikon radish. Drop in boiling water for 4-5 minutes for al dente. Drain, return to pot, and stir over medium flame with the sauce until coated. The experience is a lot like real pasta! SOURCE: Cooking Caveman with Jeff Nimoy - Read entire story here. Read more

Cranberry Recipes: 30 Decadent Desserts, Dinners, and Side Dishes

From decadent desserts to savory dishes, we’ve got the best cranberry recipes filled with nourishing ingredients.Thanksgiving without cranberry… The post Cranberry Recipes: 30 Decadent Desserts, Dinners, and Side Dishes appeared first on Paleo Blog. SOURCE: Paleo Blog - Read entire story here. Read more

Podcast Episode #319: Back in Control; Learning How to Heal Yourself with Dr. David Hanscom

Topics Introducing our guest, Dr. David Hanscom [1:46] Neural pathways and chemical responses [7:29] Embedded pathways and getting around them [12:53] The forward to Back in Control [20:00] Considerations before surgery [24:17] Back in Control; the book and the website [29:48] Subscribe to The episodes are also available in iTunes, Spotify & Stitcher. Visit Dr. David Hanscom's website – Back ... Read More The post Read more

Review: Paleo Snacks in a Pinch

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Few things in the world make me happier than Paleo snacks. Seriously, you try going three years on a special diet and see how much you appreciate someone else preparing your food for you. Actually, I suspect that’s probably why you’re here, so I’m pretty excited to tell you about some of my new favorite Paleo snacks.  (See Kid Snacks (and Snacks for Grown-Up’s Too) I spent a couple months this summer testing out One Stop Paleo Shop’s Read more

Chicken Pot Roast – serious comfort food!

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When Hayley told me she wanted to make a Chicken Pot Roast, I was intrigued. I’m familiar with pot roast recipes that use beef, but I hadn’t thought about using a whole chicken. The idea is so simple, it makes total sense. Roast a chicken over vegetables in a dutch oven, using spices and the chicken juices to bring together all the flavors. To make this recipe, we used our giant 9.5 qt Le Creuset French Oven. It’s a Dutch Read more

125 Best Keto Pumpkin Recipes – Low Carb

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This epic collection of the 125 Best Keto Pumpkin Recipes is your ultimate guide to both sweet and savory low carb pumpkin recipes!  So many delicious pumpkin-themed options here, your biggest challenge will be figuring out which Keto pumpkin recipes to try first!!! ; ; Since there are so many new bloggers on the scene... The post 125 Best Keto Pumpkin Recipes – Low Carb appeared first on I Breathe I'm Hungry. SOURCE: I Breathe I'm Read more

Introducing The Big 15 Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

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I'm so incredibly excited to announce that my third cookbook is officially available for preorder on Amazon! The Big 15 Ketogenic Diet Cookbook is quite possibly my favorite book so far, and I had so much fun working on these keto recipes and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Like my first book, this one covers 15 main ingredients that are essential to the ketogenic diet and is packed with 150 high-fat, low-carb recipes to keep you full Read more

Episode 126: The Connection Between Emotional Trauma And Chronic Fatigue With Niki Gratrix

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Thanks for joining us for episode 126 of The Ancestral RDs podcast. If you want to keep up with our podcasts, subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode! Remember, please send us your question if you’d like us to answer it on the show. Today we are super excited to be interviewing  Niki Gratrix! Niki Gratrix an award winning internationally renowned Registered Nutritionist, mind-body expert, and health writer helping people to optimize Read more

Harvest Time at The Paleo Diet

October has arrived in all its glory at The Paleo Diet and we have been harvesting our organic garden to create fresh, nutritious dishes.  After tending faithfully to our plants, we are reaping the rewards and sharing them with friends and family.  Many have asked for ideas and recipes for garden ingredients.  This month, we’ll be sharing our Fall Harvest recipes with our Paleo Diet followers.  Enjoy! Chimichurri Steak Steak comes alive with the Read more


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I’m currently sitting at my computer with a blanket and a cat on my lap, and wearing a hoodie and house slippers for the first time this year. Sounds like the perfect time to break out a stew recipe. Pichelsteiner is a very typical stew, found in similar shapes and sizes all over the world. There are several stories to explain its invention, a common trait among stews. One folk tale details how a farmer’s wife fed the stew to a Read more

Five Paleo Dinners To Cook Next Week #73

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I’ve been mentally writing a blog post about how I’m doing meal planning and Weekly Cookup, now that my refrigerator capacity is about one-third what it used to be. Our fridge is so tiny! That blog post is still a work-in-progress, but I can tell you that I can fit about two days’ worth of food in our fridge before I have to reload, so my habit now is to alternate between big-batch foods that taste even better when they sit for Read more

3 Tips to Kick that MTHFR and THRIVE [video on Healthy Inside and Out Channel]

Recently, Stacy asked her followers what topic they wanted covered on the Healthy Inside and Out Channel. Overwhelmingly, the vote came in favor of a video on living with a MTHFR gene mutation, which often causes nutrient deficiency and a lack of ability to properly detox (poor liver function). Well, far be it from us to ignore the people, so here is our attempt to tackle this complicated topic! Stacy even brought notes! For more on this topic, Read more

5 Key Paleo Eating Patterns for Better Overall Quality of Life

Health is more than just numbers. Cholesterol and blood pressure measurements are nice, but in the real world, most people... The post 5 Key Paleo Eating Patterns for Better Overall Quality of Life appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips. SOURCE: Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips - Read entire story here. Read more