Chewy Keto Pecan Cookies – Low Carb

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These easy Chewy Keto Pecan Cookies are brought to you by this week’s guest poster Katrin, from the popular low carb blog Sugar Free Londoner!  I’ve been Pinterest stalking Katrin for a long time – her photos are incredible and I’m super jelly of her living in such a cool city!  These keto cookies are... The post Chewy Keto Pecan Cookies – Low Carb appeared first on I Breathe I'm Hungry. SOURCE: I Breathe I'm Read more


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I'm twenty-nine today and feeling so incredibly blessed and lucky and loved.Rob and I are in Richmond again for a few days after spending the weekend in Virginia Beach with family for a wedding--tonight we're having dinner with some of my best friends and tomorrow we fly back to California to pack up and move into the house that we'll bring our daughter home to in just three months.Twenty-eight was pretty darn good but I'm really looking forward Read more

Episode 120: Clearing Up The Confusion Around Sugar And Natural Sugar Substitutes

Thanks for joining us for episode 120 of The Ancestral RDs podcast. If you want to keep up with our podcasts, subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode! Remember, please send us your question if you’d like us to answer it on the show. Today we are answering following question from a listener: “Hey! Could you do an episode discussing natural sweeteners? What do you think about things like stevia or sugar alcohol? I also recently found Read more

Nell’s Corner: National Bacon Lover’s Day August 20th

August 20th is “National Bacon Lover’s Day” so what better time to fry some up with your runny eggs and spinach, dice it up on top of a salad or wrap a piece around a pitted date for a decadent dessert? But wait one moment… is bacon really a food that can be part of an authentic Paleo approach? Without a doubt; so long as it is properly sourced,  the cleanest options are chosen and it’s something we include as a once in a while food versus other Read more

Lamb Tagine with Potatoes and Toasted Almonds

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The word tagine (tajine, الطاجين) is both the name of a North African stew, and the conical earthenware pot in which it is usually cooked. The use of ceramics in North Africa was the result of Roman influence, and these dishes have been enjoyed for thousands of years. Tagine pots are unique in that they trap steam and return the condensed liquid to the dish, enabling chefs to make tender foods with minimal added water, which is ideal in areas Read more

Five Paleo Dinners To Cook Next Week #69

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As you’re reading this, my parents are visiting us in the Czech Republic for the first time. In fact, right now, this minute, we’re on a little get-away to the town of Český Krumlov, probably sitting by the river and—I hope—eating some lovely dark chocolate and sipping a decaf americano. The town of Český Krumlov looks like it popped off the pages of a fairytale. See? As you know, my family loves to eat, so we’ve taken my Read more

Why Chocolate Is A HEALTH Food + Our Favorite Recipes

Yes! This week is all about it, including the health benefits of good-quality dark chocolate! This, plus all the feels as summer wrapped up and the boys headed back to school, in this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life Every summer I’m like “don’t let perceptions of your body ruin your life.” That doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with those feels. In fact, if usually means I just had to tackle them myself. Read more

Peach And Bacon Salad

Some days only a salad will satisfy you. Make it a salad with fruit and bacon, yes, some fresh greens... The post Peach And Bacon Salad appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips. SOURCE: Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips - Read entire story here. Read more

Ready for Another Whole Foods Takeover?

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I’ve been on the road, touring the continent for a solid 5 weeks now, and I’ve loved it more than I anticipated. It’s been amazing to meet all of the Nomsters who showed up to support the launch of our new cookbook, Ready or Not!, and despite my introverted nature, I’ve had a blast getting to hear your stories and kitchen triumphs—and to give you hugs in person, too. That said, one of the things I’ve missed out on (besides family time with Henry Read more

A New Primal Kitchen Restaurant Opens—And a Contest!

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“Nine months ago Kyle and I walked into an empty building with dirt floors and wondered what that moment would feel like when this was all done! Yesterday we had that moment. It was crazy. We walked into our restaurant— done, designed and filled with our amazing staff ready to train! It was like time travel. It’s finally here!” These are Devyn Sisson’s words (yup, proud to say my daughter) just yesterday. She and my son, Read more

Episode 371 – Dr. James DiNicolantonio – The Salt Fix

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My guest this episode is Dr. James DiNicolantonio. Dr. DiNicolantonio is a respected cardiovascular research scientist and doctor of pharmacy at Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Missouri, and the associate editor of British Medical Journal’s (BMJ) Open Heart. He is the author or coauthor of approximately 200 publications in medical literature. His research has been featured in The New York Times, ABC’s Good Read more

5 Health Benefits of Intuitive Eating (+ 7 Ways to Get Started Today)

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Have you ever started a new diet, feeling so pumped and full of optimism that this is the one that will work, only to fall off the wagon (again) a few weeks later? While it can be tempting to blame yourself and give up, or go to the extreme and starve yourself to get results, you should know that you’re far from alone. In fact, almost every dieter is right there with you, considering that 95 percent of diets fail. (1) Now, you’re probably Read more

Has Ancestral Health Gone Mainstream?

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When I published Your Personal Paleo Code in 2013 (now retitled The Paleo Cure), the central idea of the book—that the mismatch between our genes and the modern environment is the primary driver of chronic disease—encountered both skepticism and criticism in the popular media. Both the mainstream press and the conventional medical establishment seemed even more dubious of the premise that we might be able to learn something useful by studying Read more

My Struggle with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA). How I got my period back.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed my post last week where I welcomed back my monthly visitor (this is what my grandmother would say) after a 10-year absence. I’ve kept pretty quiet about my struggle with HA. To be truthful, admitting my illness made me feel like an imposter and a fraud. How could someone whose job and life revolved around helping women find and nourish their own fertility be infertile and unhealthy herself?I’ve Read more

Podcast Episode #312: Homestead Life vs. Urban Life, and How You Can Build Your Village in Both

Topics News and updates from Diane & Liz [1:51] Groundhog Day [3:28] Listener comment: Community in the country [8:38] Diane's takeaway [16:45] Diane and Liz's friendship [25:10] Kitchen tips [36:58] Closing thoughts [40:43] ; Subscribe to Real Food Liz!  Subscribe to The episodes are also available in iTunes, Spotify & Stitcher.  Show sponsors: ; ; ; ; You’re listening ... Read More The post Podcast Episode Read more

Nut-Free Egg-Free Scones

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Has school started again at your house? I’m torn between not wanting summer to end, and eagerly anticipating fall vibes. Ashley is back in her severe special needs classroom, they start mid-August here in SoCal. As I’ve said before, she adores it. And Ginger and Zoe will be at the public homeschool charter school in September, where Zoe has been for the last two years. It’s 2 days a week at the center, the other 3 days at home. Read more

Achieving Work-Life Balance with a Clear Mind

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As I’ve been writing my fourth book, Paleo Principles, over the last year, I’ve sought out ways to keep my focus up and my energy stable. When I wrote The Paleo Approach and The Paleo Approach Cookbook, I was burning the candle at both ends and dug myself deep into a hole that ended in severe adrenal burnout (see more in “Managing Stress” and “How Stress Undermines Your Health”). This time around, I’m focusing on staying Read more

How to make Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

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Growing up, there was always one candy that stood above the rest to me: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, or just Reese’s for short. There’s something special about that magical ratio of chocolate to peanut butter that just tastes so good. As someone who has become more health conscious in my 20’s and 30’s, I’ve largely avoided candy for the last 10 years or so, but I can still remember exactly how Reese’s cups Read more