How to clean pans easily

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I have a theory on one reason why people hate to cook: CLEANUP AmIright?! So here is how to clean a pan easily! If the pan is cold, turn the heat back on. Splatter water on the pan. When it sizzles, it’s time to pour in water. In a 12 inch pan like this one you need about half a cup of water. For smaller pans use less. The water will sizzle, so use caution. It’s working! Lift the pan (use a glove if necessary) and swirl the water Read more

The Reviews are in on Paleo Principles!

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Writing Paleo Principles was simply an amazing experience. I didn’t take lightly the task of legitimizing the entire Paleo movement with scientific evidence (hey, I like to set ambitious goals, okay?!?) while creating the most comprehensive one-stop-shop Paleo resource to date.  As I joked on book tour, I didn’t actually set out to create the heaviest Paleo book to date, it just so happens that when you combines the entire scientific Read more

Bloody Mary Recipe using our New Bae Seasoning

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Hi friends, and a happy Saturday to you! It’s a rainy (and cold) one here in Pittsburgh, but that’s the weather we always get here in November. We’re continuing our Food Lovers Pack release party with this awesome, spicy Bloody Mary Recipe. Well, we actually don’t bother putting the vodka in it (because we don’t really drink), so this is technically a Virgin Mary. Either way, you’re going to love it, and Read more

Keto Pumpkin Spice Haystack Cookies – Low Carb

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These no bake Keto pumpkin spice haystack cookies taste like everything you love about Fall, but without the sugar and carbs – or the tedious baking! Easy to throw together at a moment’s notice, these low carb no bake pumpkin spice cookies will be a hit with the entire family!  Also useful as delicious pumpkin... The post Keto Pumpkin Spice Haystack Cookies – Low Carb appeared first on I Breathe I'm Hungry. SOURCE: I Read more

Friday Favorites (83)

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Happy Friday! We've had a few rainy days this week and it has been so nice to finally stay home and get a few things done around the house before this baby shows up! Rob's last day at the office before he takes paternity leave is today, and since my due date is just two days before Thanksgiving, I wouldn't mind terribly if she decided to show up a few days early--but I know she's probably going to wait to come when she's good and ready. I guess Read more

Episode 131: Changing The World Of Medicine With Chris Kresser

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Thanks for joining us for episode 131 of The Ancestral RDs podcast. If you want to keep up with our podcasts, subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode! Remember, please send us your question if you’d like us to answer it on the show. Today we are thrilled to be interviewing Chris Kresser! Chris Kresser is the CEO of The Kresser Institute, the co-director of The California Center For Functional Medicine, the creator of, Read more

Conquering Thanksgiving Paleo Style

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran of the Paleo Diet, holiday meals and family members present a challenge. What foods should you eat? How do you respond to scrutiny over your food choices? How do you change time-honored recipes to fit your new Paleo lifestyle? As Thanksgiving approaches, eating Paleo style doesn’t have to add more stress to your plate. We’ve compiled a list of the best tips to not only survive the Read more

Simple Roast Turkey

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Around this time every year, my Perfect Smoked Turkey starts making the rounds, and for good reason – it’s relatively simple (with a little practice), and comes out great every time. But sometimes, with so many other things on your plate during Thanksgiving, the idea of tackling a new smoked turkey recipe can be daunting; lots of folks have told me that they would like to try the recipe, but never manage to get to it. So for Read more

10 Tips For An Awesome Thanksgiving

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I’m not gonna lie: I’m pretty excited about Cranberry Waldorf Salad and Grain-Free Apple Cake on Thursday. But amidst all the food anticipation, I’m also enormously grateful for all of you. Thank you very much for cooking my recipes and reading my words. That’s truly the finest gift you can give to a writer, and I’m so thankful that you make a little time for me in your busy lives. I love to imagine all the Read more

Holiday Gift Ideas & GIVEAWAY!

Oh no! Is it Thanksgiving already!? We’re in the holidays!? Stop hyperventilating! The thing with holidays is, it’s meant to be a time to show people love – to gather round the table or fire or tree and share joy. Instead of of stressing about gifts, remember that it really is the thought that counts. For us, this holiday season will be hard. It’s the first anniversary of our brother’s passing, and our focus is on Read more

Spice-Roasted Pumpkin

Tis the season to eat pumpkin, and whether you make this roasted version for a holiday meal, or a weeknight... The post Spice-Roasted Pumpkin appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips. SOURCE: Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips - Read entire story here. Read more

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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Once again, ’tis the season for rampant consumerism! Yes, it’s time to brighten your loved one’s faces by giving them awesome stuff. And with my annual holiday gift guide, you’ll find gifts that fit both your budget AND your buddies’ tastes—that is, assuming they love exactly the same things that I do. Plus, with the space-age techno-power of online shopping, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch to do so! Just like every year, Read more

Episode 378 – Dr. Jeff Stanley MD – Virta Health and Online Healthcare

On this episode of the podcast we have guest Dr. Jeff Stanley MD. He is a physician with Virta Health, and utilizes continuous remote care and the ketogenic diet to reverse type 2 diabetes. In this episode we talk about online healthcare, treating diabetes, monitoring and data, high lipid markers for some on ketogenic diets, and more. Download Episode Here (MP3) Website: Twitter: @JeffStanleyMD 30 Day Guide to the Read more

50+ Primal Thoughts, Tips and Recipes for Your Thanksgiving

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The team and I are hustling today, getting everything in place before the holiday weekend, and all of us are already thinking about the festivities (not to mention feasts) to come. So, you’ll forgive me if I indulge the holiday spirit and even wax a bit sentimental—just a little. (Thanksgiving IS my favorite, I’ll admit….) And, on a more practical note, let me share some “best of MDA” tips and recipes for making the Read more

10 Pro Tips for Fermenting (Plus 8 Recipes)

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An unhealthy gut contributes to a plethora of maladies, and is often overlooked as a simple solution to a number of chronic problems like IBS, leaky gut, inflammation, eczema, acne, weight problems, fatigue, and more. It’s important to pay attention to what is going on in the gut. Are you digesting properly? Are you bloated? Are you getting sick often? Keeping your gut’s “good bacteria” happy is a great way to arm yourself against both common and Read more

To Poach, Sauté, or Microwave? That Is the Question.

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Ever brought home fresh veggies from the farmers market and wondered how to cook them, or looked at the charred ends of a juicy steak and questioned if it was good for you? Luckily, food science has the answers. Read on to learn what the evidence says about various cooking methods, including which retain the most nutrients and which cause the most inflammation. I’ve written a lot about what to eat, but not as much about the method of preparing Read more

The NY Eating Cheating Tour 2010!

The NY Eating Cheating Tour 2010!: Well, it’s Thanksgiving, and for a native New Yorker like... SOURCE: Cooking Caveman with Jeff Nimoy - Read entire story here. Read more

One-Pan Leftover Turkey & Gravy Recipe

Transform your leftover Thanksgiving turkey into an easy meal in this one-pan skillet recipe!If you’re looking for a… The post One-Pan Leftover Turkey & Gravy Recipe appeared first on Paleo Blog. SOURCE: Paleo Blog - Read entire story here. Read more

How to Source a Perfectly Paleo Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving in the United States will be here before we know it, and many of us are wondering how to plan a Paleo Thanksgiving! Caring about where our food comes from is an important part of a Paleo lifestyle, but it can be difficult without a game plan. In this post, I lay out the step-by-step plan you can use to source ingredients for your Paleo Thanksgiving. Budget Priorities In order of importance, I recommend you focus first on the quality Read more

A simple Asian Salmon Bowl recipe

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Every year, for the last few years, the autumnal time change has signaled the beginning of binge watching old seasons of Nigella Bites. We just love Nigella Lawson, and kind of wish she were our aunt sometimes. She’s so laid back, and her cooking style is completely carefree. I could go on and on, but she’s one of our favorite celebrity chefs, and it’s a treat watching her old episodes on cold winter nights. So last week, Read more