Paleo Diet Eating Plan


Paleo diet, a modern diet, as a means of shortcut for Paleolithic diet is also known as the caveman diet. Some call it the Stone Age diet, the hunter-gatherer diet is a nutritional plan of a diet program that is based on what is “presumed” as the diet in the ancient times. People of the cave then would have a diet of wild animals and plants and various other human species that were all eaten during the Paleolithic era.

The question is Paleo Diet Eating Plan advisable to be followed in the modern times?

Why not – a Paleo diet eating plan consists of mainly fish, vegetables, fruits, roots and crops and of course, meat. The Paleo diet eating plan was started and made popular by Mr. Walter Voegtlin, a gastroenterologist.

Today, there are so many eating plans being practiced. However, some people tend to slip from the bandwagon every now and then. So here is a sample of a Paleo diet eating plan for you to follow:

For week one, you can a breakfast of bowl of berries with coconut milk; for lunch, you can have a salad with roasted chicken, for dinner you can have spaghetti and macadamia nuts for snacks. Come Tuesday, you can have the leftover paleo spaghetti you had the night before; Chicken and vegetarian soup for lunch, beef goulash for dinner and beef jerky for your snacks. When it is already Wednesday, you can have onion and spinach omelets with the leftover pate you had with your beef goulash the night before as well. You can also have tuna wrapped in lettuce with almond oil and so on. Bacon and eggs can also be eaten in the Paleo diet eating plan.

Paleo diet eating plan does not require for you to have a snack in between but then if you feel hungry every now and then, you can use the following examples and still lose weight and be healthy.

Questions like “should you eat like cavemen did?” would come up every time a Paleo diet eating plan is mentioned. Paleo foods  include low fat proteins and healthy fats and this always seems like an irony when cavemen then had life span of 25 years but then they never died because of heart attack, high blood pressure or diabetes.

For vegetarians, this can be such a sensitive issue but then again, no one is being forced to make a diet out of this eating plan. Meat isn’t so bad at all – there are lean meats available in the market today.

Paleo diet eating plan seems to be getting a lot of negative feedbacks because of its essence of trying to bring back the diet which is extinct. However, if it does good to you, then by all means, eat like the healthy cavemen did and be happy!

There is always a good side and a not so good side to every thing, all you need to do is just go for what works and what not. It is as simple as that.