What is the Paleo diet

Understanding Lyme Disease: A Primer

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With 2017 predicted to be one of the riskiest years ever for Lyme-carrying ticks (thanks to an explosion in the mouse population last year that was thanks to a bumper crop of acorns the year before), understanding what Lyme disease is and what it looks like has never been more important.  In fact,  Lyme disease is severely underdiagnosed and can be an underlying challenge for many people with autoimmune disease.  If you struggle with any chronic Read more

DIY Non-Toxic Dyer Sheets made with Upcycled T-shirts

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I will never forget the speech my husband’s prim and proper grandmother gave at our wedding. She volunteered her best wife hack: if my husband was ever to run out of clean underwear, all I need do was throw them in the dryer with a couple of dryer sheets, and he’d never know the difference! […] The post DIY Non-Toxic Dyer Sheets made with Upcycled T-shirts appeared first on Rubies & Radishes. SOURCE: Rubies & Radishes - Read more

Herb Potato Salad

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Our nephew’s first birthday was just about two weeks ago. For his late spring party, his parents did a cookout mid-afternoon. I contributed two gluten-free salads to the menu. One was this delicious potato salad, and the other was a gluten-free pasta salad (look for that recipe in a few days!) This recipe is not strict Paleo, because it uses sour cream, but I’ve found that sour cream is an important addition to a creamy salad, Read more

IBIH 5 Day Keto Soup Diet – Low Carb & Paleo

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This 5 day keto soup diet is built around the delicious Turbo Atkins Diet Soup that I developed for Women’s World magazine last summer.  Designed for quick weight loss, this plan is easy to execute and doesn’t require a lot of time in the kitchen – and who doesn’t love that idea?! 🙌 👍🏻 💯 ; ;... Read More » The post IBIH 5 Day Keto Soup Diet – Low Carb & Paleo appeared first on I Breathe I'm Read more

Some Things I Believe Right Now (#12)

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Wow. I can't even begin to thank you all so much for your beautiful congratulations and kind words about our news on Monday! The comments here and on Instagram, Facebook messages, emails, and even texts were so incredibly overwhelming and made me and Rob feel so incredibly loved. I'm trying to get back to everyone but until then I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you so very much.We've been going through a really intense heat wave Read more

Celebrating our Paleo Dads

Summer is now in full swing and that means it’s time to celebrate the special men in our lives who have given us their love, support, and guidance.  At The Paleo Diet, we love to mark the occasion with a family gathering to show our appreciation for all the dads in our lives.  That means it’s time to fire up the barbeque and enjoy a Paleo feast.  Finding the perfect sauce to marinate your meats can be a challenge when eating Paleo.  This amazing Read more

Moving to Virginia

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Hey everyone, just a quick note to let you know that there won’t be a recipe this week, or next Tuesday either. Our family is in the middle of moving from Pensacola, Florida to Norfolk, Virginia; in fact, today is the day where the movers come and load up all of our boxes. Later this week we’ll start our extended drive through Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina before settling into our new home in Virginia late Read more

Five Paleo Dinners To Cook Next Week #59

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We’ve hit a very summery stretch of weather here in Prague—clear, sunny skies and temps in the 80s (and now I know how to turn that into Celsius! Subtract 50 and divide by 2 for a rough approximation). I’ve been relying on salads, slow cooker recipes, and picnic foods to help us stay cool at meal time. Every day is a good day for a picnic! Last night, Dave and I packed a charcuterie picnic (little sausages, pepperoni sticks, a slice of paté, a Read more

A Look at the May Perfect Health Retreat

For almost a year and a half, Shou-Ching and I have been trying to boil down everything we know about ancestral health – diet, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, cooking, health management – and make it available in accessible forms. One way … Read more » The post A Look at the May Perfect Health Retreat appeared first on Perfect Health Diet. SOURCE: Perfect Health Diet - Read entire story here. Read more

The BEST Paleo Drinks to Hyrdrate With Flavor!

First and foremost – a HUGE Happy Father’s Day to those who read this newsletter. We hope you had a fantastic day surrounded by loved ones! Over here the summer is heating up with record-breaking heat waves (especially considering we live in the North and it’s still Spring!), so we’re sharing our favorite refreshing, flavorful drinks in this week’s newsletter… hot, cold, fruity, and even a cocktail recipe! Our Read more

5 Paleo Diet and Lifestyle Strategies to Prevent and Minimize Cravings

On the list of reasons why people struggle with Paleo, cravings for junk food have got to be in the... The post 5 Paleo Diet and Lifestyle Strategies to Prevent and Minimize Cravings appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips. SOURCE: Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips - Read entire story here. Read more

Podcast Episode 19: Ready or Not!

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Podcast: Play in new window (right click to download the episode) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Stitcher | RSS Episode 19: Ready or Not! We’re back! Yeah, I know it’s been over two months since our last podcast, but we think you’ll really dig this hour-long episode packed with juicy details about my favorite Hawaiian-inspired summer dish, our exciting new cookbook, volunteering with the family at the food bank, and my favorite green Read more

Adaptogen Effects: American and Asian Ginseng

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I’ve been using adaptogens for quite some time, but in the last year I’ve been experimenting a little more with them. You may have caught my mention of a few adaptogenic varieties in one version of my daily big ass salad (not for a flavor hit). I’ve also briefly highlighted ashwagandha and holy basil, and I’ve always been a big believer (and user) of Rhodiola rosea for normalizing stress response. All well and good. But what’s Read more

Episode 367 – Dr. Ruscio – Gut Microbiome, Pro and Prebiotics, and Thyroid Disease

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This week we have my good friend Dr. Michael Ruscio back on the podcast. Listen in as we discuss the gut microbiome, research, treatment, prebiotics and probiotics, gut microbiome variation around the world, and thyroid disease. Download Episode Here (MP3) Download a transcript of this episode here (PDF) Website: https://drruscio.com/ 30 Day Guide to the Paleo Diet Want some extra help? Have you been trying Paleo for a while but have Read more

“Better Than Fried” Cashew-Crusted Chicken Recipe

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This post first appeared at PaleoHacks. You can see the original post here. Jazz up dinner with this savory, crispy cashew-crusted chicken made from just six ingredients. If you’re tired of ho-hum chicken recipes and looking for an easy, healthy way to change things up, this quick dish is just the thing. Cashews are the secret ingredient to creating the crunchy outer layer without the grains. To start, pulse raw cashews in a blender or food Read more

RHR: Will I Have to Follow This Diet Forever?

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In this episode we discuss: Treating autoimmunity in two steps Foods that prove difficult to reintroduce Dietary changes alone are often not enough Regulating and balancing the immune system Reintroducing foods successfully How do we define health? The ability to live your dreams The downsides of lengthy dietary restriction [smart_track_player Read more

Grilled Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken

Whisk your senses away with the sweet flavors of pineapple over juicy grilled chicken.When summer rolls around, grilled… The post Grilled Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken appeared first on Paleo Blog. SOURCE: Paleo Blog - Read entire story here. Read more

Podcast Episode #301! The Evolution of Our Thinking (and Our Podcast)

Topics News and updates from Diane & Liz [2:41] Listener feedback and comments [7:19] 5 years ago, where did you see yourself in 5 years [9:22] Favorite hobby not related to work [13:14] Secret talent unrelated to business [16:35] How have you changed from the first episode to now [23:06] Finding balance in your eating lifestyle [27:20] Diane's travel tip ... Read More The post Podcast Episode #301! The Evolution of Our Thinking (and Our Read more

My panic attacks and CBD oil

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Have I got a story for you!!! This weekend I went to a conference. Like I flew on a plane. Twice. And you KNOW what happens to me when I fly!! Well, some of you don’t, so let me tell you what happens. When I fly I am calm. I am not nervous. Then, the plane begins its decent to land. Out of  ***nowhere*** my body FREAKS out. I can’t control it. All the sudden I am sweating. I can’t breathe. I become SUPER nauseous. Next I burst Read more