What is the Paleo diet

5 Paleo Treats That Won’t Count Toward Your 80/20

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The 80/20 rule states that following the Paleo diet 80% of the time allows us to experience 100% of the benefits of this framework for choosing foods.  The 20% (about 3 meals per week) in which we veer off the Paleo straight and narrow is important for finding balance, beating back any sense of deprivation, giving us flexibility while traveling or visiting friends and family, and allow a mechanism to enjoy the occasional treat.  Of course, how we Read more

Pork and Apple Ravioli

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Ravioli isn’t a dish that you think you can enjoy anymore, when you switch to a grain free diet, and it’s a dish that many of you may be missing. This recipe for Pork and Apple Ravioli is one that my sister, Caitlin developed when we were writing Make it Paleo 2. It is one of the most delicious ravioli recipes I have ever had. I am continually stunned with the talent my sister has when it comes to cooking. She was the only female Read more

Amaretto Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes

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A cool thing that happened last week… one of the toughest guys I work out with turned 64.  He whoops my ass daily and I love our WODs. I decided to make him cupcakes but since we’re all CFers, of course I had to make them as paleo as possible. Of course, the end result of the Paleo cupcake was “ruined” when I topped it with a homemade Nutella frosting and sprinkles. But hey, a birthday cupcake isn’t the same without sprinkles. I figured Read more

10 Best Low Carb Stuffing Recipes

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When you’re on a low carb diet, stuffing (or dressing depending on where you grew up) is something you just assume you have to give up – along with other starchy side dishes that usually accompany a great roasted turkey. In reality though, just like there are great low carb alternatives to mashed potatoes, there... Read More » The post 10 Best Low Carb Stuffing Recipes appeared first on I Breathe I'm Hungry. SOURCE: I Read more

Hosting a Happy Hour When You’re Out of Town

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As you probably know by now, Rob and I have moved several times. What you might not know is that by this point, it sometimes feels as though we have friends or family in almost every city in the country. Between the friends we've made in our many homes and the friends from home who have moved to other cities, we really can travel to a wide variety of places and meet up with people we grew up with, or people we've come to know and love more Read more

Instant Pot pressure cookers on deep sale today

I've written twice before about the Instant Pot, an electronic pressure cooker that helps make healthy food in a time-efficient manner (1, 2). At some point, I'll write another review of my Instant Pot, but the gist is that it still works flawlessly and looks sharp after more than four years of frequent use. Here are a few of the reasons why I like it so much:It increases my efficiency in the kitchen, especially with beans, beets, artichokes, Read more

How to Achieve Ketogenic Gains with a Paleo Diet

Part Two in Our Ketogenic Diet Series The Paleo diet approach shares many similar traits to a ketogenic diet and a few modifications to your Paleo diet may make it possible to achieve the best of both worlds. In part one of this series on ketogenic diets, Christopher Clarke outlined the physiology of a ketogenic diet and its significant benefits with a myriad of chronic health conditions including weight gain, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, Read more

Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker) Chicken Soup with Kale

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As I mentioned over Instagram the other day, our youngest son recently came down with a fever, the first of his life (he’s only 11 months old, but still, I like saying that). Four airplane rides over the course of seven days will do that (we traveled to my home state of Washington for Thanksgiving last week). No problem regarding the fever, though – chicken soup to the rescue, and he was back to his usual, trouble-making self the Read more

Five Paleo Dinners To Cook Next Week #47

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We’re just four days from the official release date of Well Fed Weeknights, but some sneaky retailers have started shipping early. There have been so many fun shout-outs to the book on social media! Thank you so much, everyone, for sharing our excitement about the new book. Here are few fun snaps from Twitter… And look at this sweet message from US Wellness Meats. It came at the perfect time: I was feeling decidedly Read more

New: The Human Experience Podcast

I was pleased to discuss various aspects of health with Xavier of The Human Experience Podcast. Here’s the interview. The post New: The Human Experience Podcast appeared first on Perfect Health Diet. SOURCE: Perfect Health Diet - Read entire story here. Read more

Cyber Monday – Instant Pot Special Discount Deals

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click photo for sale prices Today and tomorrow only, there are a couple of amazing Instant Pot deals to take advantage of! The 5-Quart Instant Pot IP-LUX50 5-Quart model is only $49 !!!! This is the older model, lacks the yogurt, low-pressure and lid-holding features, yet if you just want the pressure and slow cookers, $49 is an absolute steal. Click here for the sale price. Now the 6-Quart 7-in-1 Instant Pot IP-DUO60 is on sale as well for Read more

Get the EPIC Paleo Family Toolkit BEFORE it Goes Away November 28th!

A fantastic resource for all paleo families arrives today! The Paleo Family Toolkit contains over 40 e-books (including our 3 Phase Paleo) and programs, over 50 coupons from top paleo brands, 12 video interviews with family-centered experts in the Paleo community (including us!), and fantastic bonus items. But such a great paleo resource won’t be around forever! Act now, because it all goes away on November 28th! As you heard on The Paleo Read more

Dijon And Pecan Asparagus

This jazzed-up asparagus side dish is a great one to add to any dinner table. Pair it with a nice... The post Dijon And Pecan Asparagus appeared first on Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips. SOURCE: Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips - Read entire story here. Read more

Poached Cod in Tomato Sauce

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Looking to get more fish in your family’s belly but freaked out about how to cook it properly? Well, I’ve got a fool-proof and tasty recipe for you. Even picky little Ollie is full of praise for this quick dish (“it tastes like lasagna fish!”) and scarfs it down without (an excessive number of) complaints. This dish is a on constant rotation in our house because it utilizes a few ingredients I already have stocked in my kitchen: defrosted fish Read more

My 8 Favorite International Dishes to Expand Your Primal Palate

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Standard Primal eating is quite simple. Meat, veggies, and perhaps some starch. That’s partly what makes it so effective and intuitive. As far as dietary lifestyles that call for making most of your food from scratch, the Primal Blueprint is one of the easier ones. As a red-blooded American, most of the recipes I post on MDA and publish in my books are “Primalized” versions of American cuisine. It’s only natural. So you Read more

Squats Twice in One Day?

Written by: Kevin Cann In conversation with Murph the other day, he had asked what the point of performing a competition lift or its variation twice in one day serves. Upon answering the question, I realized there was a lot to it and many people must have the same question with the popularity of Sheiko programs in powerlifting. Performing a competition lift twice in one day is a big component of a Sheiko program. Now, this article is 100% my Read more

Is the Paleo Diet Safe for Babies?

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It’s a big deal when a baby goes from only drinking formula or breastmilk to making the leap into the world of solid foods. It’s exciting, and also terrifying, for most parents — especially new parents. As a new parent myself, I thought that introducing solid foods would feel exciting, but when the time came to try some foods with my son, I felt more scared than anything else. Even as a nutritionist, I worried that I would do the wrong thing. It Read more

Floating On Air

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I’m always looking for comfortable shoes, especially ones I can workout in. But I also want them to be attractive so I can wear them while I’m running errands or walking Jackson. I pretty much want it all. *Begins singing I Want It All by Queen* Not long ago, I told you about a pair of Adidas shoes that were seriously like walking on clouds and many people emailed me thanking me about introducing them to that shoe because they were so Read more

RHR: Is Bipolar Disorder Caused by Chronic Inflammation?

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In this episode we’ll cover: 06:14 Could inflammation be the key? 10:28 How inflammation is connected to bipolar disorder 15:22 Common causes of inflammation 21:53 Recommended diet and lifestyle changes 27:20 Use caution when stopping medications [smart_track_player url="http://traffic.libsyn.com/thehealthyskeptic/RHR_-_Is_Bipolar_Disorder_Caused_by_Chronic_Inflammation.mp3" title="RHR: Is Bipolar Disorder Caused by Chronic Read more